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We generate leads across the board using ethical and quality controlled methods.

With Impede Media Inc. you get quality. PERIOD!

Quality Leads Worldwide

Get access to high volumes of quality leads worldwide through our diverse network of owned sites and affiliates. We attract a highly engaged and dedicated audience that spans all demographic groups and countries. By connecting advertisers with relevant audiences, Clench Media makes the process of acquiring new customers simple and profitable.


We control data quality from the start by working with top marketing partners to generate traffic to our clients’ promotions. Every marketing partner is put through a rigorous testing process to ensure high quality performance of our clients’ media. Through automated optimization technology and demographic targeting, the Clench Media Network continually improves ROI and provides ever-increasing value to our direct-response advertisers.

Jason M. Harris

Owner of Impede Media Inc.

I dedicate myself to building an ethical and high quality business model by practicing best email, social and search engine marketing practices. I am a proud business owner because of this. I look forward to doing business together. Yes that's me with my new Mercedes 43 AMG GLC. Happy customers equal happy lead provider. :)

"Doing the same thing over & over while expecting different results is the definition of insanity."

-Albert Einstien

"Fall in love with the process & be divorced from the outcome. The recipe for climbing to the top of success"

-Jason M Harris