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About Impede Media Inc.

With more than 5 years of experience, Impede media inc specializes in driving results for our clients. We offer cutting edge marketing strategies that produce high performing leads for our advertiser's campaigns. We provide online media services across all digital media channels.


Our reputation for doing things right includes making sure you're 100% satisfied with our data.


We manage relevant, targeted campaigns on our own websites using a proprietary technology to optimize conversion rates, generating new, qualified leads for advertisers. We own and operate our own ping tree technology using Phonexa's LMS software to integrate with auto loan, personal loan and auto insurance buyers via API.


Consumers’ engagement is maintained through highly targeted direct e-mail marketing, offering our clients the ability to target an individual at the exact moment they seek a product or service. This timely and effective re-targeting platform allows us to re-market a consumer by actions that occur across our network of publishing sites.


Always optimizing for top quality data. Filter Leads to your requiremennts.


We specialize in finance services including but not limited to loans & insurance


Intergrate with our phonexa platform via API or Allow us to create a sub account with preferred filters


We can accommodate to any specific niche if you need


Top Priority Data Service with our advance LMS ping tree software


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